Want to buy an old church? Read the fine print

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ALBANY, Ore. - First, the city planned to put a road through the church, demolishing a place of worship for 121 years in the process.

The city no longer plans to demolish the church.

They still want to get rid of it.

So the City of Albany has put the old church up for sale with one key suggestion:

Move it.

The 2,600 square foot Queen Ann-style church is up for sale to the highest bidder.

"It does seem a shame to loose such an old building," said Chris Bailey, Albany operations manager. "If someone is interested and can put it to good use we would like to see that happen."

Albany purchased the church to make room for the reconstruction of Main Street. The project design no longer calls for the church's demolition, but the street design will strand it.

"The building doesn't have to be moved but with the design of the street, access to the building will be compromised, so it might be best for it to be moved," Bailey said.

The building could use repairs, and the interior has been modified from its original state.

Since construction, the building has been used as a church. Many people will be sad to see it go, Bailey said.

"The pastor of the congregation that just left grew up in the church," Bailey said. "For that congregation it was an important structure."

Anyone interested in buying the church can contact Bailey at the City of Albany.