'We don't know if it could be condemned or when it would be'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- With over 90 years of providing top-notch entertainment for the Coos Bay community, the Little Theatre On The Bay is fast-approaching its final bow.

Theater director Shirley Kitner said the theater has outlived its useful life and they will need help from the community to build a new one.

"It's actually been talked about for quite a long time, but now we're just really trying to get this started and get it really rolling and getting businesses involved," said Kitner.

The theater faces a multitude of problems, like having an outhouse for a handicap restroom. They believe it's much more cost-effective to replace the whole thing.

"We don't know if it could be condemned or when it would be, there's issues that we do need to address. It just becomes how much money can we sink into a building that we really can't maintain anymore," said Kitner.

Coos Bay administrator Terence O'Connor said the city's Urban Renewal Committee allocated $500,000 towards building a new theater.

"What we hope to see is that as a result of activity happening at this location it will spur other properties to redevelop themselves," said O'Connor.

The city said another way you can show support for the Coos Bay treasure is by attending some of its final performances, expected to continue through the fundraising process.