Wear your seat belt 'whether you're traveling one block or 10 blocks'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Coos Bay police are in the middle of a two week Seat Belt Safety Blitz, which means more officers are on the road to make sure you buckle up.

If you don't "click it," police want you to know you should expect a ticket.

Thanks to a grant, officers are being paid overtime until February 25, to make sure you fasten your seat belt.

Authorities say that many times they see people wearing the seat belt improperly, like having it tucked underneath their arms.

Police say during the extra patrols they are stepping up enforcement of something they look for every day. Sgt. Michael Shaffer of the Coos Bay Police Department says the blitz is all about safety. "It's to boost awareness and increase our compliance level," Shaffer said. "Last year was 97%. Obviously, we're pretty happy with that. We've come a long way since safety belts became a law in Oregon to wear safety belts, but there is still room for improvement."

If you get pulled over, police say there is no excuse for not wearing something that comes standard in all cars. Officer Mark Wheeling says some people will always have an excuse. "A driver will tell the police that they just left the store or just left the bank, and they forgot to put it on," he said. "You're still required to have it on whether you're traveling one block or 10 blocks."

In addition to checking seat belts, there is also a heavy emphasis on children being in car seats.

A seat belt violation will run you $110.