Wedding dresses a win-win for brides - and cancer patients

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Bridget Quinlan is searching for that special dress, and it's her second time trying on this gown.

"I had them put it on hold so I could think about it for 24 hours and not just make a spontaneuous decision," she said, "and I walked outside and I cried because I hated walking away from it."

Quinlan has the help of Debra Hodges, who owns Rosebud's Boutique. Hodges' store is filled with more than a thousand gowns purchased from a cancer charity. It's a cause that's close to her heart.

"My mother died of breast cancer," said Debra Hodges, who owns Rosebud's Boutique, "and I took care of my mother the last two years of her life, and I had her in my home and she died in my arms."

Now her sister is going through chemotherapy.

By buying the large lot of dresses, Hodges is helping cancer patients and brides on a budget at the same time. Most gowns go for $250 or less.

"This dress had an original price tag of $6,000 on it," she said of one of the dresses.

That makes it easier for Quinlan to say "Yes" to the dress.

"I'm on cloud nine right now," she said. "I'm all shakey. I can't believe I just did it. I found the dress!"