Welders: 'They think it's mostly for guys, but girls can do it too'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Over 50 different girls from five different high schools around the area came to the Southwestern Oregon Community College Friday, to start molding their futures.

They spent the day designing, welding and engineering their own projects, in a field that's not just for boys. "Not a lot of girls are interested into going into this kind of field of work with welding and stuff," said student Mary Jane Windsor. "They think it's mostly for guys, but they realize girls can do it too. We can do these things!"

Some may even decide to make a career out of it.

Clarrissa King says the program might lead some of the girls into a good career. "we're exposed to a real world job in high school and it's preparing us for what a job in welding would be like," she said.

All the girls who came out did so voluntarily, and they got a whole new outlook on design and manufacturing in a potential career field.