WIC changes income requirements, more people eligible

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- The Women Infant Children (WIC) program serves families all over Coos County providing services to help ease the economic burden that comes with raising a child.

New guidelines will allow them to serve even more.

Kourtney Romine is the WIC Coordinator for Coos County, and says that changes to the income guidlines will benefit many families. "I think people know about the program, but I think most people just don't realize that they can be eligible for it, especially now that the income guidelines have gone up," she said.

The income guidelines rose by roughly $50 a month last year.

Now, a 3-person family qualifies if their monthly income is equal to or less than $3,011 per month.

The Lanza family moved to Oregon with their son after struggling to get into a similar program in Nevada.

Danielle & Katherine Lanza say it has been a big help. "It's been a really, really big help being able to feed him and also have extra money to clothe him, have diapers and everything else that we need for him."

It has also allowed them to have extra money to go back to college. "It's really been nice to not have to be working like seven jobs to support my family, then I wouldn't ever have this chance to move up in life."

To find out if you qualify for the WIC program and to learn a little more about what it offers, you can either stop by Coos County Public Health or go to their Web site.