Witnesses in murder trial to take stand Tuesday

COQUILLE, Ore. -- The trial for a man accused of murdering a handicapped man in a North Bend motel last summer is now underway.

After more than eight months since a David Marion Barker was found dead at the Itty Bitty Inn, the man accused by police of killing him is now standing trial.

Clean shaven and wearing eyeglasses, Ronald Ambill was in court looking very different from when he was arrested last July.

Police say he was the only suspect in Barker's death.

He died from multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the head, according to authorities.

Jury selection took most of Monday morning. Nine women and five men will decided Ambill's future.

Two of them will be dismissed from deliberations after closing arguments and be given the title of alternates.

The first witnesses will take the stand on Tuesday.