Woman arrested for Coos Bay standoff indicted

COQUILLE, Ore.-- A woman arrested for leading police on a more than four hour standoff at a Coos Bay motel earlier this month was indicted on charges stemming from the incident.

The last time the public saw Sylvia Goodwin, she was covered in blood and had just been shot by a taser rifle at the Terrace Motel near the Bunker Hill neighborhood of Coos Bay.

According to law enforcement officers, Goodwin was upset about being evicted from the motel where she lived, and she also went on small rants with police about how badly America treats the poor.

Now more than a week later, Goodwin's arms have fully healed after she punched out all of the windows of the motel room she barricaded herself in, and her demeanor was calm at she appeared before Judge Michael Gillespie on Tuesday morning.

Goodwin's appearance was an indictment on charges stemming from the incident. One charge has been dropped since her arrest.