Woman detained after standoff at Coos Bay motel

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Police detained a woman armed with a shotgun after a Saturday morning standoff in a Coos Bay motel, Coos Bay Police said.

The stand-off started just after 9 A.M. Saturday at the Terrace Motel near the Bunker Hill neighborhood of Coos Bay.

Officials said that the woman was acting erratically and threatened to take her own life or the lives of responding officers.

Police evacuated people from the area surrounding the motel while attempting to diffuse the situation.

The woman locked herself inside of an upstairs motel room. Officials at the scene said that the windows to the room were open, but the woman put a bed sheet up to block the view of police officers.

Officers said that they evacuated all other people on the second floor of the motel by 12 P.M.

KCBY reporters at the scene said that SWAT gunmen have moved into firing position on top of a nearby building, taking aim at the window.

Police said that at around 12:30 the woman casually left her motel room and entered another. She barricaded herself inside that one before she started breaking windows with her fist.

Police detained the woman after they shocked her with a stun gun nearly five hours after the incident started. Police loaded her into an ambulance and took her to a Bay Area Hospital to treat the lacerations she sustained while breaking out the mote room windows.

KCBY's Ricky Maranon spoke with the Coos Bay Police Chief after the incident. The Chief said that while the woman threatened police saying that she had a shotgun, she was only armed with a large hunting knife.

The Coos Bay District Attorney's Office said that they believe the woman to be 51-year-old Sylvia Goodwin.

She will have her wounds treated at Bay Area Hospital before being lodged at the Coos County Jail on charges of criminal mischief and burglary charges.

Police arrested two other people at the scene during the standoff. One of the arrests was made when a man who came out to watch was identified by his parole officer as being in violation of his probation.

Another man was drinking alcohol while the incident unfolded. He began to interfere with the police and was arrested.