Woman donated 35 gallons of blood

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Helen Cruckshank has donated a lot of blood over her lifetime.

35 gallons, to be exact.

To put that in perspective, one pint can help save up to three lives. There are eight of them in a gallon, meaning Helen Cruckshank has potentially helped more than 800 people.

Cruckshank became a donor at the age of 22.

She says she had always been fasinated by blood, but didn't know her blood type. "So, I decided to donate blood to find out," she said.

280 donations later, she was awarded the 35 gallon donor's pin. "I still get nervous, in fact I was surprised my blood pressure wasn't up for this," she said.

It's one donation to help a high demand.

Brian Bergeron, an American Red Cross Supervisor, says the storm in the East have affected supply. "We're just not getting it all over the country like we normally do."

Cruckshank says she is glad to give blood. "You do save lives, you never know when you might need some."

Red Cross officials say they can never have too much blood.

If you're interested donating, you can find more information here.

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