Work to begin on leaning Coos Bay building

COOS BAY, Ore. -- It's been called 'Coos Bay's own Leaning Tower of Pisa': a 94 year old building with people living inside.

For years the Chandler Building has been shifting to the northwest, and it has Coos Bay residents wondering just when this problem is going to get fixed.

It looks like that wait just might be over. "It's been a little longer than anyone would like, but we're just about at the finish line," said building superintendent Kyle Stevens.

The building has visible cracks and the entire side that's shifting has been cleared out. Jim Hossley, the public works director, says they had to ask the residents to leave while they fixed the building. "We did ask for the residents to be moved during the time of the construction."

The city originally issued a permit for the building to be fixed earlier this summer, but after nothing happened, it expired. "If no work is done by early September, then all the residents need to evacuate the building," Hossley said.

Officials say that if all goes according to plan, construction should start within the next couple of weeks.