Would you like a phonebook? If not, you can opt out

EUGENE, Ore. - In a world of smart phones and Internet, people are turning to more sources than just the phone book these days to search for local information.

Now for the first time ever, Oregonians can opt out of receiving phone books at all.

Ken Condon of Eugene said he used to turn to the phone book all the time for phone numbers.

"I would use it a lot, and I would rarely call directory assistance," said Ken Condon.

Condon said he still uses the phone book sometimes.

"I mostly use the Internet if I'm looking up a phone number," Condon said.

Nineteen-year-old Analia Salerno has never even touched a print directory.

"I have my phone and I can pretty much find a number or anything I need just in 'Places' or just on-line," Salerno said.

According to phone book distributor Dex One, 70 percent of adults used a phone book in the last year.

"They are still a vital tool and they are still a relevant medium for how people search for local information," said Maggie Stonecipher with Dex One.

Dex One said it is doing what it can to keep up with technology through on-line directories and smart phone applications.

The Department of Environmental Quality estimates that only 20 percent of phone books are recycled, and most end up in landfills or are burned.

As a result, DEQ is recommending individuals who don't use their phone book to opt out of receiving them through contacting your book publisher.

Some Oregonians said it is not a bad idea.

"It would probably save money and resources," said Jesse Gehrke, who doesn't use his phone book.

But new Oregon resident Leslie Riddout said she can't make it without the yellow book.

"I just moved to Oregon and I need a phone book," Riddout said. "It gives you instructions faster than a computer does."

To opt out of receiving the next new phone book from Dex One, go on-line to, select "Directory Options," enter your zip code, and click through the screens until you see "Personalize Your Directory Order."

Or you can also call Dex One at 1-800-422-8793 to to speak to a representative.

For Yellow Book, call 1-800-929-3556 to stop delivery.