Buddies help police track down car prowl suspect

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ore. - A man suspected of breaking into people's cars will be in court Thursday to learn the charges against him after he was apprehended by two friends.

On Tuesday night, Chris Goldsmith and his friend Shaun said they heard a noise outside their apartment. Shaun went out to check and discovered a man in his buddy Chris's car.

When confronted, the suspect ran off but Shaun chased after him.

Police showed up but by then the friends said the suspect had disappeared.

However, the men said the suspect showed up later looking for his cell phone and that's when Chris called 9-1-1 again.

Police responded and arrested Abimeal Maldonado-Canul. Investigators said he is also a suspect in some break-ins in the town of Cornelius.

Although Chris says he had nothing stolen from his car, police said they did find Maldonado-Canul in possession of some stolen property.

"It'd be great if they could catch everybody like this," Goldsmith said, "but it just doesn't happen."