VIDEO: Good Samaritans help rescue teenage girl from frozen lake

WATERBORO, Maine (WGME) -- Incredible video shows three men helping in the rescue of a teenage girl after she fell into a freezing cold lake in Waterboro, Maine.

Officials say the 16-year-old girl was on the back of a snowmobile on Little Ossippee Lake when the machine ran into open water on February 4th and she was thrown off.

The driver of the snowmobile dove into the frigid water twice but couldn't reach her.

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That's when three men, who watched all of this unfold, rushed in to help.

One of the men was Bill Rodgers, who had been ice fishing nearby.

"We just started uncoiling rope and Taylor was holding onto the end of it, while I edged my way as close as I could get to the gentleman on the ice," said Rodgers. "We got rope to him and he was able to get the rope to the girl and we were able to pull her back on the ice and then we took her back across the lake on a four wheeler and got her into an ice shack with some heat."

The York County Sheriff's Office says the men put themselves in harm’s way for a stranger and they would like to commend the men for their heroic actions.

"Feels funny," said Rodgers. "(I'm) not a hero. There were a lot of people there. We just happened to be the closest. Had rope and a four wheeler, so we were able to get her out quickly. But no, anybody in the area would have done the same thing."

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