Whale caught in metal frame could be off Oregon coast

Whale caught in metal frame could be off Oregon coast. (Marine Life Studies/Michael White)

DEPOE BAY, Ore. (KATU) – A gray whale has its head caught in a metal frame, and Marine Life Studies officials said it could be along the coastline anywhere from northern California to Depoe Bay in Oregon.

The entangled gray whale was first spotted on April 1 off Newport Harbor in California. Ten days later the whale was seen west of Half Moon Bay.

Based on that trajectory, officials estimate that it could be off the northern California or Oregon coastline. It is possible that the gray whale stayed put, however, as biologists say they don't always continue north during migration.

If you see an entangled whale, call the NOAA Entangled Whale Hotline at 1-877-SOS-WHALE or flag down a U.S. Coast Guard official.

Do not approach or try to free the animal. Officials want you to take a photo or video, and make sure you note the location and direction that the whale is heading. If you can, look for other whales and any other behaviors – like whether it is surfacing or how long it goes down for dives.

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