'I can carry a tune. At least I think I can'

EUGENE, Ore. - The judges on "American Idol" didn't give Ben Harrison the thumbs up, but he left the Portland audition smiling anyway.

"I was there to have fun," the University of Oregon student and Churchill High School graduate told KVAL News on Thursday, the day after the episode featuring him aired. "I made it through four rounds, further than I thought I would, and I got to meet one of my idols: Steven Tyler! How many people get to do that?"

Harrison, 28, is a regular on the Eugene karaoke scene and a singer for local bands in the area.

He said "Idol" may be a singing contest, but it's not really about having the best pipes.

"They put people through that were not as good as me," he said. "They cut people that were way better than me. They know what they're looking for. They're looking for television stars."

Harrison said viewers didn't even get to see his whole audition. He showed KVAL News what viewers missed.

"I think I got it all. I think I got the whole package. Got the baby face, baby face look. And I can carry a tune. At least I think I can," he said. "You never know with all the delusionals on that show, but I think I can."

And while he may not be the next American Idol, Harrison said he won't let a little rejection get him down.

"That's not enough to stop me," he said. "This is Ben Harrison here, representing the 541: Eugene, Oregon."