Idaho hunting guide captures incredible elk herding video

An Idaho hunting guide captured incredible video of an elk herding operation in Blaine County over the weekend.

Dustin Hennefer told KBOI 2News that Idaho Fish and Game was trying to herd a group of elk off a rancher's feeding ground for his cows. The elk were being moved to a designated feeding area across the road, Hennefer said.

The elk ended up splitting up in two groups.

Winter in Idaho has pushed wildlife across the state and region to lower and different feeding grounds than the animals are accustomed to.

"They're trying to move them because so much snow has pushed them to lower ground and they're trying to survive," Hennefer said.

He said it was an incredible thing to witness.

"I love watching elk and this was a treat to watch and capture," he said.

His video has since gone viral, collecting almost 8,000 shares and more than 367,000 views.