Avalanche wipes out part of Crystal Mountain chair lift

      CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN, Wash. -- A triggered avalanche didn't go quite according to plan and wiped out a chair lift at the Crystal Mountain ski resort Monday evening.

      The resort said they were using explosives atop the mountains for avalanche control around 4:45 p.m. when the wall of snow apparently got away and destroyed the bottom terminal and towers of the High Campbell lift, according to a post on Crystal Mountain's Facebook page.

      The area was closed off and no one was hurt.

      A note posted on the ski resort's web site says the High Campbell lift will be closed for the season and the Queens Run lift will be closed until debris is cleared, which could take weeks.

      Crystal Mountain says they continue to have abnormal avalanche conditions and they have been doing avalanche control work over the past few days. You can see the power of these snow slides in this video the ski resort released of avalanche control work conducted Sunday afternoon:

      "We are taking the instability in the snowpack very seriously and will continue to mitigate risk and close terrain as necessary," the resort said.