Coast Guard fines man $5,000 for jumping into Willamette River from tour boat

The view on Wednesday of the Willamette River and Portland's Waterfront Park from the top deck of the Rapture, a 60-foot cabin cruiser, owned by the Collins family. (KATU Photo)

The Coast Guard issued a $5,000 fine to a man who jumped off a tour boat into the Willamette River last month in Portland.

According to a news release, the man took off his shoes and swan dove into the water over a railing near the South Waterfront on Aug. 13. He was pulled to safety by the ship's crew, luckily without any injuries.

His actions violated federal law, the Coast Guard said.

“Jumping into the water from a certificated passenger vessel, such as a tour boat or charter vessel, is not only dangerous for the person jumping but it also endangers the lives of others onboard,” Capt. Thomas Griffitts, the commanding officer pf Marine Safety Unit Portland said. “Commercial passenger vessel crews are responsible for the safety of all passengers aboard their vessels, and in this case, their attention was diverted away from the safe operation of the vessel when they were forced to retrieve the jumper from the water.”

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