Fireworks 4 B's: Be prepared, Be safe, Be responsible & Be aware

COOS BAY, Ore. -- They smoke, sparkle and screech.

Yes, we're talking about fireworks, and they are fun, but local fire officials want to make sure you play safe this 4th of July.

The fireworks bought at reputable retailers are legal.

Mark Anderson of the Coos Bay Fire Department talked about some traits of illegal ones. "The ones that are banned are the ones that either explode, travel more than 12 inches off the ground or 6 feet across the ground."

If you're caught using illegal fireworks you can be cited. "Well, that's the thing, we want people to have a good, fun, safe time, but we also want them to be safe," Anderson said. "In the State of Oregon last year there were 36 injuries due to modified, or 36 injuries due to improper use of fireworks."

Anderson says follow the 4 B's: Be prepared, Be safe, Be responsible and Be aware.

As long as you follow those 4 B's, your Fourth of July is set up to be safe and enjoyable.