Japanese temple arch from March 2011 tsunami found near Florence

FLORENCE, Ore. - What appears to be another part of a torii (sacred temple arch) was removed from the ocean shore near Florence about mid-day on April 9, 2013, according to the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department.

Leisure Excavating from Florence transported it from the Siuslaw River South Jetty to a nearby state park maintenance compound for safekeeping.

The object appears to be a kasagi -- the top, horizontal part of a torii -- similar in appearance to an object removed from the ocean shore near Oceanside on March 25.

It is approximately 14-feet long and 3-feet wide and painted black and red.

The Consular Office of Japan in Portland has been contacted about this second find. The exact origins of both the Oceanside and the Siuslaw South Jetty objects are not yet known, parks officials said.

The object was first reported by a visitor late in the evening on Monday. State park staff responded early in the morning on Tuesday to begin removal.

Anyone can report unusual amounts or kinds of marine debris by calling 211 while on the coast. Unpainted, raw pieces of wood do not need to be reported, even if they have notches or holes cut into them. Regular beach clean-ups are organized by the Oregon Marine Debris Team, a nonprofit coalition. Sign up to volunteer online at {<}{>} .