No snow? No customers. Some Mt. Hood business down 75 percent

There's a word business owners and employees keep using: horrendous.

That's how they'll remember this winter on Mt. Hood -- or lack thereof.

At Ski Bowl, sales and rentals plummeted 75 to 80 percent, according to Petr Kakes, veteran ski director.

At a nearby coffee shop, business is down about 25 percent.

But All Seasons Property Management is doing well. Actually, as Pam Skellinger put it, fantastic.

"We have been so busy," she said, holding up a stack of emails from potential customers looking to rent one of the company's 40 cabins and homes scattered around the mountain.

By fantastic, Skellinger means that rentals are down 5 percent from last year.

Maybe that is fantastic considering how ski slopes and restaurants are doing.

Skellinger acknowledges maybe it's because people rented cabins a year ago and are forced to come anyway.

At Ski Bowl, the ski director said they're doing their best to plow through the season (no pun intended).

"Well, we don't get a federal subsidy like farmers do. We have to learn how to farm the snow," said Kakes.