Oregon wolf packs reproduce - and prey on calf

EUGENE, Ore. - A calf found severely injured in a grazing allotment on public land managed by the U.S. Forest Service was attacked by Oregon's Imnaha wolf pack, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed Friday.

Biologists expect to have a summary of the investigation this week.

The wolf population in northeastern Oregon has been on the grow this spring and summer.

On May 30, biologists observed at least four new pups in the Wenaha pack.

The Imnaha pack also produced at least four pups this year.

And in June, a trail camera captured an image of a lactating female wolf in an area of the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area where wolf activity hadn't previously been documented.

"The photo clearly shows that reproduction has occurred, but the current location and number of wolves in this area is unknown at this time," ODFW reports.