Paraglider gives National Geographic photographer quite a view

PORTLAND, Ore. - Sometimes you have to go to new heights to see the world in a completely different way and that's exactly what a famed National Geographic photographer did.

George Steinmetz has been photographing the remote corners of the world for 25 years and is one of National Geographic's top expedition photographers.

To capture some of his images, Steinmetz created and learned to fly an experimental aircraft consisting of a backpack motor and parachute-style wing. The unique motorized paraglider allowed him to fly low enough to the ground to document rarely seen places.

The result is a series of photographs with a unique view of the world we live in and the work will soon be on display here in Portland. Desert Air: Photographs by George Steinmetz opens at OMSI this Saturday.

"Not only are Steinmetz' images breathtaking, they showcase what's possible when you combine creativity with sheer innovation and engineering," said Mark Patel with OMSI. "It's those amazing applications of science that we love to showcase."