Photos: Incredible views of Earth from the International Space Station

I'd strongly suggest giving him a follow and if you're in the education field, perhaps making this a weekly or monthly geography lesson to check the feed -- Hadfield is great about giving a little description what he's looking at:

Tonight's Finale: Happy Pi Day! The iconic Manicouagan meteor crater has a diameter of 300 km. What's its area?

Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) March 14, 2013

In addition to the Earthly pics, Hadfield also occasionally provides a glimpse into life in space:

Sunrise in the Cupola. With no atmosphere to filter and diffuse the light, our star is incredibly harsh.

Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) March 14, 2013

One of my two apples delivered on Dragon. I stuck Velcro on the bottom so I could set it down between bites.

Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) March 11, 2013

Thanks from down here for the great pics up there! I'll feature a few recent ones from time to time here in the blog.

P.S. Cmdr. Hadfield isn't the only one up there on ISS Tweeting pics. Also check out and follow Thomas Marshburn @AstroMarshburn.