Pioneer Days: 'It's like a celebration of making it all the way to Oregon'

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Aspen Bullock found some nuggets after two minutes of digging, but she knows it was a pretty tough chore a hundred years ago.

That's the idea, said Kelly Hibbert, education coordinator for the Douglas County Museum.
"This is what it was like for the pioneers," she said. "Life wasn't easy but maybe it was fun once in a while."

Over 600 students from across Douglas County got a shot at living the pioneer life at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

Fourth-graders spent the day Thursday hatchet throwing, candle dipping and otherwise discovering how their pioneer forefathers lived.

Pioneer Days is the end of a three-part program put on by the museum to teach students about the Oregon Trail.

"It's like a celebration of making it all the way to Oregon on the Oregon Trail," said Cheryl Logerstedt, a teacher at Sunnyslope Elementary. "They're having that experience, and it's a part of history, and it's a part of their heritage because that's how Oregon started off. We're a pioneering community."