Rescuers find hiker who went missing at Multnomah Falls

MULTNOMAH FALLS, Ore. - Connie Dooney's hike Thursday turned into an unexpected - and unwelcomed - camping trip.

Searchers spent the night looking for Dooney after she was separated from her 18-year-old son and 17-year-old nephew during a trip to Multnomah Falls. She was found safe at around 7:45 Friday morning by a Lake Oswego hiker.

Her nephew said Dooney stayed behind on the Wahkeena Falls Loop Trail at about 4 p.m. while the other two hiked to Devil's Rest

"We said 'Connie, why don't you wait back here, this is probably going to be an intense hike,'" Roark Dooney said.

The two got a bit lost on the way to Devil's Rest, and a worried Connie went looking for them when they didn't return. When the two finally returned to the meeting spot, she was gone, so they continued down the hill and called 911.

Dooney, meanwhile, ended up on a logging road and twisted her ankle. It was dark, so she covered herself in brush and went to sleep.

Once she woke up, she backtracked down the road and found her trail, where she eventually ran into the hiker.

The incident might've been avoided with some basic technology, Roark said.

"One thing I'd like to say, if you're going on a hike guys, bring a cell phone," he said. "It was very stupid of us."