Scouts start annual campaign: 'Friends of Scouting'

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- The annual campaign to help local scouts is back in Douglas County.

It's called "Friends of Scouting," and it started on Friday, and will run through the middle of March.

Money raised through the campaign will go to help support the more than 500 local volunteers and 1,000 scouts.

Officials say that any amount of money helps. "It takes about $125 to put one boy through the program for one year through our giving campaign," said Chris McCullough, the executive director of the district. "$250 will send two boys to camp, or four cub scouts to day camp."

Organizers say that scouting helps to shape young boys and encourages them to be their best. "Scouting empowers young people," says Kay Wissman, the campaign chair. "It allows them to exercise control and have a reason to be responsible."

This year's goal is $70,000, and both Wissman and McCullough are confident they'll be able to raise that much money.

In just four days, the campaign already had reached 15% of the goal.

McCullough adds that every boy who wants to be a scout deserves the opportunity, and the Friends of Scouting campaign allows them to do that.

If you want to donate or you're interested in becoming a scout, you can contact Chris at 541-673-5305.