Sea turtle found on Oregon Coast to start journey back to wild

NEWPORT, Ore. - An endangered green sea turtle found "semicomatose" in the surf along the Oregon Coast in June will begin his journey back to the wild next week.

Libby Scott at the Oregon Coast Aquarium told KVAL News that the Navy in San Diego plans to fly to Eugene Tuesday, Aug. 21, to pick up the turtle. Aquarium staff plan to drive over that morning with the turtle.

The turtle was "semicomatose" when he arrived at the aquarium June 18, with an internal body temperature of 58. The turtle's natural temperature in more tropical waters is in the mid-70s, Clausen said.

Aquarium staff slowly warmed up the turtle with hopes to eventually return him to the wild.

"These are an endangered species," Stuart Clausen at the aquarium told KVAL News in June. "Any time we can keep especially a male who is in good shape and good size in the population, in the gene pool, it's going to help maintain that population of wild animals for future generations."