Silver Falls: Oregon's largest state park

SALEM, Ore. - People in the Northwest always seem to have these urges to visit tropical islands with white sands and icy blue water.

What they may not realize is Oregon has incredible natural sites of its very own.

Silver Falls State Park happens to be a historical treasure dear to Oregon. Only 26 miles out of Salem through winding roads and lush green fields, you will find your way up to this stunning state park.

Silver Falls is Oregon's largest State Park with 9,064 acres to explore. Whether that be group camping in wooden cabins, horseback riding or experiencing the canyon trail with beautiful waterfalls to see, Silver Falls is an excellent place to come and simply enjoy the beauty that mother earth has to offer.

The hiking experience Silver Falls has to offer is one to be reckoned with. There are 10 waterfalls accessible by hiking trails; 4 of them you can actually walk behind and feel the mist of fresh water tickling your skin.

Not only are the waterfalls a beautiful attribute to the State Park but there are deep slopes of trees, rock walls and all sorts or creatures like rabbits and garden snakes that may cross your path. If you are coming from out of town and wish to camp in this nature based empire, you can easily bring camping gear for the local camp site or even save yourself some work setting up a tent and just rent a small cabin for the weekend.

Maintaining the park and all the wonderful things it has to offer does come with a price. There is a $5 parking fee for day use. Unless you find yourself wanting to visit the park more than a couple times a year, there is an annual and even two year pass available to those eager to continuously visit.

Silver Falls is not only a historical site but also a beautiful place to come with family and friends. With so much land to offer, it's guarantee you will not be disappointed.