South coast residents hit the beach for Earth Day

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Monday marked the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day, and what better way to celebrate the planet than soaking up some rays on Oregon's south coast.

The sun was out and the birds were chirping at Bastendorff Beach.

South coast residents were taking full advantage of the beautiful Spring day.

With highs reaching around 63 degrees, the only thing people had to watch out for: the wind.

Mary Loiselle, a bay area resident, was on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. "It's absolutely gorgeous and sunny," she said. "We knew it'd be windy at the beach, which it was, it's typical. But it's still gorgeous out today, so we decided we'd enjoy it."

Brett Clairborne was out enjoying the sunshine, and reminds people that even though the sun might be out, the wind can get a bit chilly. "I was born and raised here, it's just common sense: you always pack a pull-over or a coat."


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