'They're really cute, and they're really adorable'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - They're a sure sign of spring.

And everywhere you look, new additions are arriving at Oregon State Unversity's Sheep Center.

Between now and March, 250 ewes are expected to give birth to close to 400 lambs.

"It's pretty much a tradition in Corvallis," said sheep unit manager Tom Nichols.

Monday marked the official start of lambing season at OSU. And the public is encouraged to come and check it out.

"They're really cute, and they're really adorable," said Natalie Puha who was at the center with her grandmother.

For decades the sheep center has opened it's doors for a a few weeks in the spring to visitors like Puha.

"Just seeing the adorable little lambs and being able to teach the next generations," said Puha's grandmother Lynn Sweeney, "it's just real wonderful."

But it's not just a chance for the public to watch. Nichols say's lambing season is also a great time for his students at OSU to learn too.

"We're doing some research, a lot of teaching," said Nichols. "A lot of our students are wanting to be vets, so this just gives them some real good hand on learning oppotunities."

The OSU Sheep Center is open Monday through Wednesday from 9 am to 2 pm.

Lambing season runs through mid-March.