Do the Seattle Seahawks have the greatest NFL uniform of all time?

What NFL team has the greatest uniform of all time? That's the question has posed in an online "tournament" in which fans can vote for their favorite team duds.

The Seahawks, with their new unorthodox uniforms, are in the "sweet 16."

Having made it through the first two rounds, Seattle's jerseys are now pitted against New Orleans in's NFC Uniforms bracket. The winner of that match-up will face either the 49ers or Packers in the "elite eight."

The other teams still competing are, in the AFC Uniforms bracket: Oakland, Houston, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Also on the board are eight looks from a different era. The NFC and AFC "throwback" brackets include: Philadelphia (1960-63), L.A. Rams (1973-80), Atlanta (1966-67), Carolina (2012 alternate), San Diego (1961-65), Miami (1970-72), Oakland (1963) and New England (1984-87).

Seattle's original uniforms, with the classic Seahawks logo and 1970s color scheme, was in the hunt last week when the field still had 64 competitors. It got eliminated pretty quickly.

Seahawks fans can vote for their team's uniform at The "sweet 16 winners are expected to be revealed soon.