Wide World Of Golf: New addition to Bandon Dunes has Punch

Call it the Ace & Chase course at Bandon Dunes.

The Punchbowl is a putting course built in the mold of The Himalayas putting course at St. Andrew's Old Course, and adds yet another layer of intrigue to Mike Keiser's resort on the South Coast.

"The Himalayas over in St. Andrew's is a putting course as well, an 18 hole putting course that's probably about 130-thousand square feet," says Michael Chupka, the Head Professional at Pacific Dunes. "Our Punchbowl here is a little bit over 100-thousand."

With 18 holes, and over 100-thousand square feet of putting surface, there's a new routing to the course each day, so the possibilities are endless. You could spend the entire day out here.

And with swells, hills, and bowls, there is almost no chance you'll have the same putt twice.

The best part--The Punchbowl is free for resort guests. Just show up, and put your golf ball in the cue. There's even a drink holder, freeing up your hands to make that all important 10-footer.

"It's not something where it's score oriented. a lot of times, you're battling it out with your buddies," says Chupka. "It doesn't really matter what you're putting for, you're just trying to beat your friend and take a little cash."

One group from Stockton,California was trading playful jabs and settling some bets on this warm evening. Just par for the course for the newest addition at Bandon.

"We're on our third day here," says Matt Corkern. "It gave us something to do in the afternoon, other than go walk another 18 holes and give our feet a rest. give our legs a rest."

"Yeah, we thought it would be fun to come out here in the afternoon," says Greg Bensch of Stockton. "When you're tired of playing the full 18 holes and have some fun. a little money... a little drinks."