Commission split on how to handle county business

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Coos County commissioners are considering a change to the way county business is handled.

County government is now divided into thirds, with each commissioner handling a third of county business.

On Tuesday, the board told county department heads to set up a process that would eliminate that system and put all three commissioners in charge of all departments equally.

Commissioner John Sweet says that the new plan makes sense. "I don't think that I'm elected to run one-third of the county, nor is Melissa, nor is Bob,"he said. "Under this new concept we would each have face time on a regularly scheduled basis with all of the department heads."

Sweet says if any changes are proposed, they will most likely have to wait for approval until after the county budget is taken care of.

Commissioner Bob Main said he is opposed to the changes, saying county government isn't broken and does not need fixing.

Commissioners Sweet and Melissa Cribbins say they are interested in at least looking at possible changes.