Oregon bill puts restrictions on mugshot websites

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Oregon has established new rules for websites that feature mugshots and charge people to have them removed.

The owners of those online sites will now have to remove mugshots at no charge if the person in the photo can show they were found not guilty, or if the charges were expunged.

Governor Kitzhaber signed the bill into law Monday.

Some people we spoke with agree with the law. "If somebody came in and their name appeared on a mugshot where they had been found not guilty a long time back, that would really be unfair to weigh that," said Victoria Hawks.

Michael Emmanuil from Roseburg says online mugshots shouldn't affect relationships. "Personally, I think once they're found not guilty, there's no reason for them to be on there anymore," he said. "I've had people before, that had a criminal background that I hired. It didn't affect their work or my relationship with them."

State senator Jeff Kruse of Roseburg supported the bill.

He says people have been posting mugshots online and using them as a sort of blackmail, and says the new law will help put an end to that.