Still no deal in airport fire services contract

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Fire services at the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport have always been provided by the City of North Bend, but that could be changing.

The long running agreement which has seen the city provide fire services could be coming to an end, as both parties are struggling to reach an agreement on proper funding for the services.

The north bend city council voted 6-1 against the airport district's latest proposal.

Mike Lehman, an airport district commissioner, says it's not going to be an easy problem to resolve. "I think at this point it's going to be very difficult to get a deal with the City of North Bend," he said. "If you look at the votes on our airport board, it took a lot of votes to even get the latest proposal."

The inability to reach an agreement could also affect jobs in the North Bend Fire Department. "The city would obviously take a look at whatever kind of implications there are contractual wise with the firefighters association, but you know, that's one of the possibilities that there might be layoffs as a result of that," said Terence O'Conner, the North Bend City Administrator.

The airport board says they want to reach an agreement, but are prepared to provide their own fire protection services.

Both parties have until the end of June to come to an agreement before the services provided by the city come to an end.