116th Civil War: Family comes first for Wheaton and Ward

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- The 116th Civil War will be meaningful for both Oregon and Oregon State, but for Terron Ward and Markus Wheaton, it's a family affair.

Coming out of De La Salle high school in the Bay Area, Ward didn't have many options to play college football.

In fact, he says Oregon State was the only big school to offer him a scholarship.

The only problem was his older brother, T.J. Ward, was a standout cornerback at Oregon.

"When I signed, he was, I wouldn't say mad, but, 'Oh you're going to play for those guys huh?,'" says Ward. "But at the end of the day, he was proud of me and grateful that I had a full scholarship to go to school and play football."

The Civil War is also a family matter for Wheaton, who is cousins with Kenny Wheaton, one of the most celebrated players in Oregon football history.

Despite the rivalry, Markus says there's no hard feelings.

"We're family," says Wheaton. "He's got my back, and he's behind me 100 percent."

Markus says Kenny is expected to be at the game on Saturday.