A day in the life of NFL prospect Josh Kaddu

There's a lot more to an NFL player's life than just football. Former Duck and current draft prospect Josh Kaddu has come to that realization. Kaddu recently gave KVAL Sports an exclusive look into what he is doing to prepare for the draft and for a life as an NFL player.

Along with his agent Jim Ivler, Kaddu toured Eugene last Tuesday in preparation for April's NFL draft where he is projected to be a third round pick.

Kaddu started his day with students in Marty Smith's class at Roosevelt Middle School, giving them advice on college life.

"You've got to be able to manage your time because your going to be out on your own," explained Kaddu. "You're not going to have parents there telling you what to do or even your teachers won't be there telling you what to do."

You don't have to tell an NFL player that he has to look good. So after leaving the classroom, Kaddu went to a Eugene shoe store to pick out some styling new dress shoes.

Next we took a lunch break at Cafe Lucky Noodle where Kaddu ordered some fettucini alfredo with chicken and prawns. We talked about several NFL topics. Ivler said NFL teams see Kaddu as an outside linebacker in either a 3-4 for 4-3 defense.

Every NFL player has to stay in shape in the offseason. So, we then took a trip across town to meet with trainers at Mikilas Fitness Solutions. The trainers gave Kaddu a synapses of some of their tough training techniques.

"Basically what we try to do here is try to incorporate as many activities as we can to help the everyday person all the way up to superior athletes like yourself become more explosive, more agile, help decrease body fat, gain strength, gain muscle, things like that," trainer Phil Hubbard told Kaddu.

Kaddu finished up his tour with a private autograph signing at A&J Sports Cards, something with which every professional athlete is familiar.

"I feel like I'm just being myself because you want everybody to like you for who you are," said Kaddu. "I'm happy and blessed to be doing everything I'm doing now."

The first round of the NFL draft is Thursday, April 26th. The second and third rounds are on Friday.