Brittany Glassow has Willamette in a groove

EUGENE, Ore. -- From a pregame warm up to a hot start, goalkeeper Brittany Glassow has the Wolverines in a groove.

"I start thinking about, 'Oh it's game time. There's the music, I can hear it, lets go,'" says Glassow.

Like most goalkeepers, Glassow is a little superstitious.

"Kind of, I do have certain stuff that I do do before a game," says Glassow, but just don't ask her what it is. "It's kind of my own little thing. I don't really tell anyone."

Her secret is working.

At 5-11, Glassow can cover the whole net, and she has the accolades to prove it. She was named 1st team all-state and co-player of the year in the Midwestern league last season.

"She's fun to watch play," says Wolverines coach Christine Guldager. "She definitely gels our team together."

"She's a life saver back there," says sophomore forward Sami Wilson. "She's tall and she's strong back there."

Glassow started playing soccer when she was in kindergarten, but knee pains forced her from the field to between the pipes.

"I love it," says Glassow. "I'm glad I had to do it. The competition that comes with one-on-ones, the shots, I never know who will be coming, or what will happen."

Last season, Willamette won the league title but lost in the state semifinals. This year, there is no secret, the Wolverines want to finish last season's business.

"We want to go all the way to state, Hillsboro Stadium, and we want to beat all the teams that we lost to last year," says Glassow.

Willamette is in the groove to do it, and Glassow has the rhythm.