Chip Kelly to choose Casey Martin's U.S. Open apparel

EUGENE, Ore. -- The media circus surrounding Oregon golf coach Casey Martin continued Friday morning as he addressed the media before competing in next week's U.S. Open.

Martin shot back-to-back 69's at Emerald Valley Golf Club on Monday to qualify for the U.S. Open.

Since then he has made the rounds speaking with the national media.

Fourteen years ago, Martin competed at the US Open at Olympic Club in San Francisco, the same site of this year's tournament.

Martin said he plans to play a practice round with former Stanford teammate Tiger Woods next Wednesday to prepare for the challenge ahead.

Martin also said he plans to wear Oregon gear during tournament.

"Actually Nike is sending a bunch of stuff today," said Casey. "I'll see what exactly it has. Then Chip (Kelly) texted me and said he wants to coordinate all of my uniforms."

Oregon football coach Chip Kelly had Martin coordinate different football uniform combinations during Kelly's first year as head football coach.

Now it's time for some payback.

"I said, 'Alright you're on.' He sent me pictures with visors and everything, so I said yeah. I'll take pictures of all the stuff they send and Chip is going to put me in what I'm wearing," said Martin.

Meanwhile, he has less than a week to prepare for "golf's toughest test."

"It's so difficult that it keeps me up at night a little bit," said Martin. "Thinking gosh, not only have I not competed, I don't play much golf. So now I go from nothing, to that, it's kind of a daunting task. But it's also fun to thing about."

To hear more from Martin's press conference, click on the video tab below.