Churchill Football: Phillips and Reese gain attention

EUGENE, Ore. -- One blocks, the other passes. Together, Skyler Phillips and Mitch Reese work like a well oiled machine.

"I just do my job, and if he does his, it's a really nice combination," says Phillips.

"Oh it's awesome (having a) big body, a D-1 body blocking for me," says Reese.

As 6-3, 330-pound offensive guard, Phillips is quickly gaining the attention of college scouts and already has an offer from Oregon State.

This summer he joined the nations top 150-prep athletes at Nike's training camp in Beaverton, OR. There Phillips ran a 5.3 second, 40-yard dash.

"It was great," said Phillips. "I met a lot of really nice guys up there. The coaching was great. Just the whole opportunity, it was a blast."

Reese is also getting college looks after throwing for more than 2,000 yards and 22 touchdowns as a junior.

"I really want to go to Oregon State no matter what," says Reese. "If football is not an availability there, then I'll look out of state."

At 6-3, Reese has the frame. He's also a lefty, just like his favorite his favorite player who shares the same jersey number.

"(Tim) Tebow, I look up to him, I read his book," says Reese. "I just want to be like him. He runs the ball well and throws the ball well, in my opinion"

Before heading to the next level, that well oiled machine still has some work to do.

"I expect us to go a long way this year," says Phillips. "I want to make a great playoff run, and not have to end in the first round. I want to go all the way this year, and I think we're capable of that."