Conforto and Davis are making a splash as Bash Brothers

Corvallis, ORE.-- The freshman duo of Michael Conforto and Dylan Davis are known as the Bash Brothers.

"If there is somebody on base, usually teams won't get through both of us," explained Conforto about the nick-name.

Bash, mash or dash, call them what you want. Conforto and Davis are making a splash.

"We kind of took it as a challenge to ourselves to see if we could impact the team or the game as freshmen," said Davis.

The impact has been huge. While batting third and fourth in the lineup, Conforto and Davis are first and second on the team in home runs and RBI.

"We tell people all the time, it's an unspoken competition we have," said Davis. "I mean, if he hits a home run, you're happy for him, but at the same time, you say, 'I have to do something to one up him.'"

Their competition dates back to high school, when both played for the Redmond Mustangs in Washington. Both were ranked as top five players in the state by Baseball Northwest.

"I mean, in high school he beat me, so we're still competing," said Conforto who is batting .387 this season.

"It's still going. It never ends," said Davis.

Conforto and Davis' interest in Oregon State began in 2007. Their team at the time was competing in a tournament in Omaha. The Beavers were also in town, winning their second national championship in a row.

"Yea, why not Oregon State?" said Davis. "Not far from home, good baseball school, good school. So ever since then I had in mind that I wanted to come here."

"We always felt like they wanted to go to school together," said head coach Pat Casey about recruiting Conforto and Davis. "I don't think they had to go to school together, but you always felt good if one of them came, you had a better shot at getting the other one."

Now the Bash Brother are trying to get back to the city where their interest in Oregon State began.

"while we're here we want to get to a national championship, you know, help the team as much as we can," said Conforto.