Dirty Dash: 'It was epic'

EUGENE, Ore.-- At the start of the Dirty Dash at Mount Pisgah you are clean, but that will change soon.

"The game plan is to see how dirty we can get," said one racer.

"We got our floaties so we don't sink in the mud," said another.

This course is not for the faint of heart. It's reserved for the bravest men and women who aren't afraid to get a little dirty.

Four miles, filled with hay hurdles and mud pits, a whole lot of mud pits.

"We were the target because we started with beautiful white dresses," said one racer wearing a wedding dress. "We're officially muddy."

There are no winners and no losers. The stopwatches are put away. The Dirty Dash is all about having fun.

"It was great. You got to come do this," said one racer after finishing the course. "You have to, it's a must. Stay clean, or get muddy."

For some the best part is the slip and slide near the end.

For others it's the last mud pile right before the finish line.

"It was epic," said a racer at the finish line. "I'm so glad."