Hello Seattle, CU Later

It's week nine of the college football season. The Ducks host the Colorado Buffaloes and Oregon State travels north to face the Huskies. Time for PREDICTIONS.

Colorado vs. Oregon

Tom: Is there anyone on the face of the planet who believes the Buffs will be within 40 points in this one? Certainly no one who has watched both teams, as Oregon continues to lead the Pac-12 in scoring offense at 51 ppg. Conversely, Colorado is last in both scoring defense (giving up an average of 42.6 ppg), and scoring offense (18.7 ppg). Sometimes, the numbers don't lieand this is one of those times. Expect to see the Ducks' second and third string the entire 2nd half Saturday at Autzen, and this time, expect them to continue to rack up the points. Oregon: 63 Colorado: 10

Nick: Life is rough for our resident office Buff fan Phil Milani, his boys get stampeded 50-6 at USC, then get to follow that up with a trip to Autzen to be ran over by 5, 6, 7, 8 touchdowns again. The only question is when will Chip call off the dogs. I am going to go for early in the second quarter again. Oregon: 50 Colorado: 10

Dirk: Boy, where to start See the Arkansas State game in week one. Enough said. Oregon: 59 Colorado: 9

Phil: As a Colorado alumnus, and a diehard Buffs fan, this is the game I've been dreading the most. Oregon will clearly destroy the Buffs. Even the Ducks third stringers would beat Colorado. But this hasn't always been the case. Colorado is a proud football school with a tradition of winning. In fact, it is one of the few Pac-12 schools with a national championship. I know that was 1990, but the Buffs continued to win throughout the 90s' and early 2000s'. The current state of the Buffs began to take shape under Dan Hawkins. He was considered a good hire at the time, but starting his son at quarterback and other poor decisions led to his demise. Now Jon Embree is trying to restore tradition at his alma mater. He has some young talent, but he won't last long if the Buffs continue to be an embarrassment. This Saturday's matchup will be lopsided, but hopefully for Colorado's sake, it's also a learning experience for some of the freshmen. Oregon: 48 Colorado: 10

Oregon State vs. Washington

Tom: On paper, this one looks like a mismatch, and it probably is. But Washington is coming of a humbling 52-17 loss to the Wildcats in Tucson, where the Huskies gave up scoring passes of 27, 33, 53, and 17 yards, and the Wildcats also had a 63 yard punt return for a score. It's the kind of embarrassment that will get a team fired up to redeem itself in the eyes of its coach, and fans. Will that seven day old motivation be enough to upset the 7th ranked Beavers? Probably not. Sean Mannion will be back at QB for Oregon State this week, and with that, the return of the vaunted OSU passing attack. Furthermore, the turnover margin should tell the story in this one, as OSU is +10 on the season, while UW is -3. Expect Oregon State's aggressive defense to force Keith Price into a couple of untimely miscues. Oregon State: 33 Washington: 16

Nick: The quest for the first 7-0 record in school history heads to Seattle with a Husky team that has fallen well below expectations with no sign of it getting any better soon enough. After last weeks loss at Arizona, Steve Sarkisian mentioned trust issues with his quarterback, Keith Price, maybe not fully buying in to what the coach wants to run on offense. Bad sign for what is looking to again be a bad team from UW. If the Dawgs have any bite in them at all, they will be fired up to play the Beavs and the return of Sean Mannion. Oregon State: 27 Washington: 21

Dirk: The Huskies have had a tough run of it here lately, losing to Oregon, USC and Arizona. Outside of the 52-13 win over Portland State, it's been a struggle all season for UW on offense. The Dawgs have scored no more than 21 points in any game (except for PSU). I think that's good news for the Beavers. Oregon State has the number one scoring defense in the Pac-12 (16.5 ppg). If OSU holds Washington to 21 points or less, then the Beavers will win. I believe that will happen. The Beavers will score enough to win with Sean Mannion back at the helm. Oregon State: 27 Washington: 17

Phil: Oregon State has won seven of the last eight games in the series, but like Mike Riley would say, each year is a different test. I feel a lot better about the Beavers chances now that Sean Mannion is back. Nothing against Cody Vaz, but the Beavers are better when their leader is back. As for Washington, after losing three straight, the Huskies are desperate for a win. I don't think it happens this week. Mannion will find Wheaton and Cooks down the field for big gains, which Washington is known to give up. Plus the OSU defense is always good for three to four turnovers, especially against Keith Price. Oregon State: 27 Washington: 17

The Standings

After eight weeks, Nick and Phil have cemented a two game lead in the standings. There is still a lot of football to be played, and the games get a lot more interesting in November. So Tom and Dirk have a chance to get back in contention. Plus big congratulations go out to Dirk, who was the closest to the correct score last week. It's his first bonus point of the year.

1. Nick: 12-1 (15), 2. Phil: 12-1 (12.5), 3. Tom: 10-3 (12.5), 4. Dirk: 10-3 (12)

What do you think will go down this weekend? You can let us know in a variety of ways.


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