OTC's Lauren Fleshman is one busy woman

EUGENE, OR - OTC Elite's Lauren Fleshman describes herself as a real dreamer, very ambitious and never satisfied. She is insatiable when it comes to learning new things.

Rarely ever without something to do, Fleshman runs a business from her home in Springfield. It's called Picky Bars. They are energy bars designed for health conscious, picky eaters like Fleshman.

Each bar is hand-made from natural ingredients. Fleshman began the business following a difficult 2008 season.

"Picky Bars started for me as a distraction from injury in 2008," explained Fleshman. "I missed the Olympics by one spot when the trials were here. It's developed a whole other part of me than sport does. So, it's a great balance for my life."

Fleshman isn't just a talented runner who will be attempting to make the U.S. Olympic team this June. She's an entrepreneur. Besides Picky Bars, Fleshman created a training journal that's full of visual cues which are sport psychology concept.

Fleshman also dabbles in art, creating her own paintings. She also plays the guitar.

When she's not at home, Fleshman is course training. Sometimes she uses her eliptigo which is a version of a wheeled elliptical cross-trainer. You might have seen her out on the bike paths around Springfield and Eugene.

"I just cruise out on the bike path basically along the Valley River Center and all that," said Fleshman

Now, all that's left to do is make the U.S. Olympic team.

"(sigh) It would be phenomenal," said Fleshman. "It would be more than I could ever hope for. It's so hard to do it because not only do you have to be one of the top three in the country. You have to be one of the top three in the country on that one day."

Just one more thing for her to do.