Police deploy flash bangs in Chapman Square, 14 arrested in downtown protest

Police and protesters stand off in downtown Portland on Sunday, June 4, 2017. (Photo: Tristan Fortsch/

Portland police moved into Chapman Square Sunday afternoon into a group of protesters and deployed flash bang grenades and smoke bombs to clear the park after they said criminal activity occurred. Afterward, a splinter group marched off into the city and got into a standoff with police.

Police closed Chapman and Lownsdale squares after they said criminal activity was happening in both places. They said people were spotted removing bricks from the Chapman Square bathroom on the south side.

They said protesters threw objects at them in Chapman and Lownsdale squares, including bricks.

While closing Chapman Square, police fired pepper ball rounds and "aerial distraction devices" - rounds that are similar to flash-bang grenades that are fired into the air.

After police cleared the parks, a group split off for an impromptu march. Police responded and formed police lines. Several people were detained at a parking garage on Southwest Morrison and 4th. And a large group of people appeared to be detained as well. Police checked many protesters' identifications before allowing them to leave and took several into custody.

Confrontations erupted among protesters and police worked to break them up.

The closure did not affect the protests at City Hall or Terry Schrunk Plaza, where a peaceful protest of pro-Trump supporters occurred.

Police set up buffers to keep the pro-Trump protesters and the anti-fascists and other groups separated. For the most part, and for most of the day, that strategy appeared to work. But as several people from the pro-Trump rally left, they walked through the counter-protesters and several verbal confrontations occurred. One person was seen being taken away by police in handcuffs.

Federal police with the Department of Homeland Security closed off part of the street near Terry Schrunk Plaza to try and keep the peace as pro-Trump demonstrators left their rally.

Throughout the day, police confiscated items they said weren't allowed at protests.

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