Bandon Tigers ready to earn their stripes

BANDON, Ore. -- The Bandon Tigers enter this season with a lot more experience than they had last year, but they understand experience doesn't guarantee wins.

So these Tigers are ready to get out there and earn their stripes.

Wil Lozano, a senior on the squad, says they are ready to go. "We're going to get stuff done this year, we're going to work hard and hope for the best this season," he said.

Head coach Silia Polamalu says there's no doubt they have a stronger team this season. "We're a year older and a year stronger, and hopefully, that translates into some good physical football."

Justin Flores agrees. "I feel like I'm improved just from the weight room," the senior said. "Out on the field I feel faster, stronger, just bigger than all these other kids."

Their experience allows them to pay more attention to key details. "I'd always just kind of be running around, not really doing footwork, and it kind of hurt us at times," said Shawn Peters. "So, getting that down when we run, and my reads."

The tigers arent looking too far ahead, their focus this season is simply on the next opponent. "It's always in the back of our minds, always to go all the way, but we're going to take it one game at a time and get through the season," said Lozano.

The Tigers kick off their season as they play host to the Culver Bulldogs out of central Oregon.