Kaptivating Kidz: 'Cool Hand' Luke Wilson

"He has a certain swag about him that is just relaxed," 2 Rivers Track Club coach Aaron Lamb said. "He's Cool Hand Luke"

That mellow swagger comes from 13-year-old Luke Wilson but his first love is hockey.

"Hockey has been my main sport since I was little, but there are no teams around here so I just don't play anymore," Wilson said.

Luke is a Junior Olympics State Champ in long jump and triple jump with a regional title in the triple.

Lamb, who is also an assistant coach at Springfield High School, sees big things. "As of right now he already has the potential to steal a varsity spot on the high school level."

High school is still a year away, but Luke's technique grows daily thanks to the coaching of Lamb.

"My best was 16 feet, 3 inches, after a day of working with him, he had me jumping in the 18's and I as like, 'wow I didn't know I could jump that far."

Wilson's bar is raised to be better than his brother, Mitchell Wilson, who competed at Marist High.

"I have always wanted to be better than him, competition-wise, try to be better, try to get more recognition than him so that has always been my push to do and try new things."

A little sibling rivalry has Luke leaping to the eastern seaboard as one of nine qualifiers from 2 Rivers for the USA Track and Field National Championships in Baltimore, Maryland.

"Hayward field is where you have the nerves," Lamb stated. "Hopefully anywhere else we go, after you have been in the Hayward Field environment, you just compete."

Wilson is just going to feed off the environment at the meet. "Get that vibe off the crowd and just do my thing."

2 Rivers Track Club can always use some funding help, the group has an account set up at Oregon Community Credit Union.

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