North Bend faces long trip to playoffs

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- The North Bend Bulldogs have a lot on their plate, as they have to travel clear across the state to face off against the defending champions out of Ontario.

The trip will take around 9 1/2 hours, but head coach Brad Horning says his team embraces the journey. "I think that our kids look at it in an enthusiastic way, you know, a chance for them to spend some more time bonding, being together," he said. "

Horning says the guys are used to traveling, but this one is a bit further than they are used to. "In our league its a fair amount of travel, obviously nothing like going to Ontario on a weekly basis, but I think they really look forward to that part of it, the bonding part of it," he said.

Ontario enters the game as the favorite, but North Bend players say they aren't paying attention to predictions of defeat. "I wouldn't call ourselves the underdogs, from what I remember from two years ago, which is a completely different team, they hit the ball for power pretty well," said senior catcher Clayton Duryee.

Coach Horning says as long as they play both sides of the ball well and don't compound errors, they will be successful.

Behind the leadership of their seven seniors, North Bend understands what matters most on this road trip: win and advance.